Friday, 9 September 2016

Visits to WW2 German Bunkers in Jersey

An index to my blog pages featuring WW2 German Bunkers from the occupation of Jersey, June 1940 - May 1945.
These could be found with this link, but an index is easier. German bunkers
I may tidy this up and make more of it at some point :)

5 Star occupation site Must Sees
Les Landes

4 stars - still Must Sees but not quite as impressive as the main 5 star ones
Stp Le Grouin, St Brelade's / Ouaisne

RN L'Oeillere (headland between La Pulente and Petit Port)
with a 631 and a Jäger open to explore (take a torch or well charged phone).

More ratings to be decided yet! Meanwhile....

Batterie Seeckt, Grouville Hill (Private Land)

Bunker Hunting at St.Catherine

Damage at Sorel A

Flak bunkers at Batterie Moltke

RN Fliquet and Battery Haeseler

RN Kempt Tower, St.Ouen's Bay

RN Noirmont Manor at Belcroute Bay

Battery Endrass (and RN Pavilion?), Westmount, St.Helier

RN Höhe 266, Les Blanches Banques, St.Brelade

RN Lewis Tower, Les Laveurs, St.Ouen
Goodbye to the Type 646 bunker
Sunset at the tower
2 U/WaKoFest shelters and a double-ringstand on private land here

RN Sorel B, Sorel Point, St.John

RN Sorel A, Ronez Point, St.John

La Perelle, above St.Catherine's Bay, St.Martin

OP Catillon, Grouville

RN Höhe 190, Grouville

RN Höhe 212, Grouville

RN Höhe 313, St.Martin

RN Jasmin, Les Platons, Trinity

Waterworks Valley / Mont Gavey

Plemont, St.Ouen

Battery Fritsch, Mt Felard, St.Lawrence

1st Battalion of the Army Coastal Artillery Regiment 1265, HQ, St.Ouen

RN Ville au Bas

Repeater Station, Springfield, St.Helier

Le Fret Point Searchlight, Portelet Common, St.Brelade

Batterie Derflinger, St.Aubin

quick shots at Fliquet and St.Ouen's Pond

Uncovered bunker at Noirmont

1 shot at Victoria Tower

Les Landes

Le Braye

Video : Archirondel

Video : St. Aubin - view from bunker revealed by furze fire

Position up Verclut rock, St.Catherine

Victoria Tower, after the abuse investigation

A peek at Greve de Lecq

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