Sunday, 5 June 2016

Bunker at Les Laveurs Slipway

This bunker can be found at Les Laveurs slipway at the north end of the "5 mile road". It was part of Resistance Nest Lewis Tower.
The entrance is, of course, from the inland direction...
.. and it was sealed up with an iron gate years ago. But I recently discovered that someone has bent the bars enough to allow access. Naturally, in I went...
Turning left, a corridor. Without a torch, so far so good.
By the time I reached the doorway on the right, I could barely see a thing. I carried on straight down the corridor towards the little room on the left...
.. and it's the entrance protection gun position. Not too scary in here, with a little light coming in...
.. and with the occasional camera flash.
Back to the really dark room then, and with only a dim red glow from my camera's autofocus this really brought home the primal fear of not knowing what the heck is around you in almost pitch darkness. I didn't hang around too long, but returned a few days later with a torch and company :)
No idea what was through the rusty door. But the entrance on the left here...

.. is a small room which was probably the air conditioning room, as I think I've seen this kind of arrangement before.
Looking out from that room, with the way in on the right, and the rusty door on the left out of shot.
The corner above the rusty door. Historic graffiti.
Looking back to the way in. I think we've had enough in here.
Ventilation on the way out...
.. and it's good to see daylight again.
Up on top, the field of fire towards L'Etacq.
A position for when the action isn't too hairy... otherwise you'd really want to be safely inside!
Up on top of a nearby bunker in service as a museum, with a view towards the houses that replaced the Chateau Plaisir (where a 646 water bunker was demolished not long ago)
Can any experts tell us what this was, near the museum's bunker? Thanks :)

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