Sunday, 21 May 2017

Chipping away at history at Sorel A

Rough treatment damages historic bunker at Sorel Point.

The Jersey Kart & Motor Club are extending and modifying their track at the Loop Road, Ronez Point (A.K.A. "Sorel A" to those interested in the occupation). They say they are not removing or covering up the twin entrance twin bunker here, in fact they have uncovered it. It's interesting to see the top of the bunker and see its size from the outside, and how with two entrances it is in fact completely symmetrical.

The smaller structure (water tank? Generator housing?) to the side has been filled in. What concerned me more is the damage the diggger has caused to the edges of the concrete...
.. here very obvious on the east side entrance.
Looking west, we can finally see how this entrance is the exact mirror of the clear entrance on the other side.
Looking east-ish. More edges scraped. I'm quite disappointed with this damage! This is a historic, heritage structure, and the Club has failed to look after it. Shame on them.

Take a look inside and see how it used to be at

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