Thursday, 30 July 2009

.. and another evening Out West

.. yet another sundown :o)

Not a lot I can say about this. It's a sky.

.. as is this.

And this.

This time there's even some beach.


La Rocco Tower.

Looking North. It's very warm here in the evening after a hot day's sunshine warms up the concrete.

- and the other way.

Switching to Cloudy white balance warms up the shot...

.. and gives nice colours... I must play with that some more. I've tried to stick to realism so far, but I quite like the effect...

.. La Corbiere Lighthouse.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Another Sunset Out West

Looking over to St.Ouen's Pond and L'Etacq on the way down the hill...

.. and out to sea.

By the sand pits lake.

Down onto the beach then...

Togetherness and Loneliness.

I found a pool for reflections...

.. which kept me busy!

How sweet...

.. more of the same.

.. etc.

Too dark to surf.

Damp sandridges.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Goodbye The Drive-Inn

Not looking good for yet another local eatery...


Yeah, really welcome!

What a shame.

.. closer.

How much more of Jersey as we knew it has to close down? What will we be left with? Each time a hotel or restaurant site is lost to housing there's no going back. Is the island going to end up as one giant housing estate, or will we reach a tipping point where we suddenly realise there's nothing worth staying for?

Monday, 27 July 2009


Reflections at El Tico...

.. I feel compelled to make use of reflections now whenever I find them, even if it's just a puddle!

High tide at the Seymour area seawall, with Gorey in the distance...

.. enjoyed by bathers...

.. at Le Hurel Slipway.

I wouldn't encourage graffiti of the 'tag' kind, but this "Pacman ghost" character livened up a drab corner of town recently (has been removed since).

I noticed the bunker was open here at Bel Royal, it turns out that it is used as a store by the slipway Pizza cafe.

Agave plant at Woodbine Corner. It may be called a Century plant but doesn't really take that long to flower. Apparently the typical lifespan is 28 years and it dies after the impressive flowering.

.. with the light from a better direction.

My friend for 15 minutes the other day as I sat at a beauty spot alone in my thoughts... little fella either sensed my pain and was keeping me company... or was hoping for food :o)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bits of Town - part 2

Street scene in St. Helier...

It's lasted well since 1889.. they don't make 'em like this any more...

.. lower down, the SNCF sticker intrigues me... that's the French railway isn't it? What's that doing here?

Woolies it aint.

Up Halkett Place towards the States...

.. scaffolding coming down...

.. new sage green colour scheme.

1748 is even better for longevity.

The 99p Store did actually open at last.

Colourful baskets.

And now to the Burger Emporium for something sugary, salty and fattening.... burp.. :o)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bits of Town - part 1

A nice bit of granite and baskets in La Motte Street...

.. from Grosvenor Street.

That building with blue detail used to be a garage... pumps and a showroom full of gleaming Jaguars.

I've only just noticed that the chemists has gone from this row of shops :)

.. look up and you'll notice the the Portugese Consulate here.

Un petit train trundles past.

Let's head forwards into St. James' Street then...

.. where there's a 'sklep' for the Polish workers...

.. and via New St. James' Place, the back of the Youth Service's place in La Motte Street.