Sunday, 12 July 2009

Zoo Changes

I went to the open day to celebrate 50 years of the JWPT/Jersey Zoo/Durrell.

Before I wade through 50 animals pics, here a few shots of things I noticed had changed since my last visit a few years back...

Not often you see a craft-fair going on by the Manor House.

The camelias have been pruned a bit.

The Walled Garden between the Manor House and the gift shop, undergoing some redevelopment.

Well that's different!

The biggest change is the new meerkats enclosure by the cafe. Here the reptile house is on the left as we near the cafe.

Approaching the cafe...

To the viewing dome (made famous by Terry Le Sueur!)

The gorillas are straight ahead over what's left of the lawn.

The view of/from the cafe is now obscured by pampas grasses.

The meerkats are very popular.

The reptile house (I've never seen people queueing to get in before!) is beyond, on the right.

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jerseydottie said...

Loved looking at these pix! I so want to visit home and Durrell :)