Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Quick Walk - "Le Malade" near Archirondel

A look at a stretch of coastline it's entirely possible to have missed no matter how long you've lived here!
(on the map with Bing here)

 Parking is available at the top of Archirondel, near the St.Martin Millennium Cross.... follow the road for a short while...
 .. with views like these towards Verclut.
 This part of St.Catherine's bay was neatly given sea walls as part of the 'harbour that never was' (1850s) all the way from the Verclut point of the northern breakwater to the Archirondel point where the southern breakwater was abandoned. I hadn't quite realised that the entire route was walkable!

 From the BBQ/Picnic area here, there's a set of sleeper steps..
 .. down to the sea wall path.
 I never bothered to explore along here, assuming I'd already seen all there was to see!
 Where I thought the path ended... there are actually some steps down to this small jutting out area on the map apparently called "Le Malade" (that's The Sick isn't it?!)
 Around the 'point' and steps back up again...
 .. and a delightful secluded cove I don't recall having seen before :)
 ... despite having seen it from a distance thousands of times, without actually registering that there may be a path there!
 It gets a bit bumpy on the final twist and turn of the path...
 .. then gets neat and tidy again...
 .. on the final stretch that joins up with the slip behind Archirondel Cafe.
 There's an outfall here, and giving us a shortcut back to the carpark above...
.. a final flight of steps to complete the little jaunt.

If you've never bothered with this paricular piece of coastline before, do give it a try on a warm sunny evening - I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Wow - Bing aerial map view beats Google!

Until now I've stuck to Google and avoided Bing for search purposes, and likewise for maps - but now it seems that Bing's aerial views have become significantly clearer than those provided by Google.

Take this view of Petit Port...
... now check it out in Bing!

And it's more recent, too....

The waterfront hotel is just a building site on Google...
... here it is in all its glory....

Likewise, Gas Place is still a car park...
... and now it's a Millennium Park...

and kind of the other way around, Ann Place as housing...

... is now a carpark...

Portelet as it was...
... and as it is now....

St.Ouen : Snow Goose present, bare field next to Parish Hall:
... new houses instead, and Village Green:

Other things we haven't seen yet....

The new incinerator...

New estate near Sandybrook:

Sunset Nurseries - glass houses gone:

Creepy Valley -

Amaizin' Maze - bigger and better -

and have a look at the Lion Park before it goes...
... and the Living Legend...

Jersey Pottery, already gone... here in mothballs with gate at the entrance...

I wonder if Google will compete? :)
And we're still waiting for Guernsey Streetview too......

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Jersey Post Collection Boxes 2012

For some time now I've noticed that some of the post boxes around the island are very different compared to most of the others, there are some very old Victorian ones. But I didn't really pay much more attention than that. Most people will have noticed that some post boxes are set into walls, and some are free standing pillars - and that's about it. We take them for granted.

Recently I noticed that Jersey Post have been repainting some boxes and highlighting some details in gold. This, I decided, was News of a sort - and something I could feature on the blog. I decided to have a good look around to see what was rare and noteworthy, or run of the mill. This is the kind of blog posting that really won't appeal to many people, but the few that are interested should hopefully love it :)
At a time when it's painfully obvious that general photos drown unnoticed in a sea of billions of others, postings targeting specialist interests are the ones most likely to be interesting to someone!

My investigations have reached a level of "all you wanted to know about postboxes but were too afraid/busy/bored to ask". Judging by other websites on the topic, there are plenty of enthusiasts out there, as with many niche nerdy interests. Me, I've gone as far as I wanted and will leave it at that, I doubt I will take any further interest. I'm mainly driven by discovering what has been where for how long, and if a box is rare and unusual. But it has left me with an appreciation of the variety we have in Jersey, and now I find I can't pass a 'special' box without noticing it!

My limited research has already uncovered that post boxes have moved around over the years, hence the year 2012 in the posting title. It's not the kind of heritage you can rely upon to have always been there. Box locations come and go over time, so this is my effort to document the state of play this year.

Victorian (to 1901)

Although the postal system had been underway for a long time, collection boxes in the streets were newly introduced in 1852, copying the idea from the continent, Jersey being the testbed for the British Isles. Thanks to we read that the first pillar boxes, made by Mr John Vaudin, were opened on 23 November 1852 at
  •     David Place: Nearly opposite the Rectory (near Val Plaisant)
  •     New Street: In front of Mr Fry's, painter and glazier
  •     Cheapside: Top of the Parade (or Elizabeth Place as it is now)
  •     St Clement's Road: Corner of Plaisance (now the entrance to H.D.Park)
These first boxes have all gone from Jersey.

 Our earliest box is 179 in the Central Market, an  1866 John Penfold design (yes, it seems the naming of cartoon character Danger Mouse's hamster sidekick Ernest Penfold may be connected to DM living in a London pillar box!).

Apparently (one of Tony's Musings) even the earliest Jersey pillar boxes were painted red as early as 1852, but postal history seems to suggest that prior to 1859 there was no standard colour on the mainland. In 1859, a bronze green colour became standard so as not to appear too obtrusive in the landscape. So effective was this that complaints were received by people having difficulty finding them. The Post Office investigated alternative colours and initially settled on chocolate brown, this required an extra coat of varnish however so proved more expensive than an alternative suggestion of bright red. The new colour was introduced in London in July 1874 and it took 10 years to complete the programme of re-painting.

 From 1879 to 1905 pillar-boxes were made by the "Andrew Handyside" foundry in Derby. These boxes are easily distinguished by the two protruding ornimental rings around the top of the box, above the door.
The earliest Handyside boxes had no Royal Cypher and are known as "anonymous" boxes, such as this one (box 19) at the Living Legend, which is also early and unusual with its 'high aperture'.
As Wikipedia says, "the original design was prone to communications becoming caught under the rim of the cap. This was solved by lowering the aperture so that it falls centrally between the two raised beading lines."

 Another "high aperture anonymous" Handyside can be found at the corner of Queen's Road and Queen's Lane (box 9).
(106 Maupertuis) Roadside wall boxes first appeared in 1857 as a cheaper alternative to pillar boxes, costing only a quarter of the price of pillar boxes. Nowadays it's the opposite way around, it's cheaper to buy something ready made than pay for local labour to erect and maintain blockwork!

 Jersey has some narrow Victorian wall boxes, including this design with collection information in the lower panel (17 Rue D'Aval, 35 St.Mary's Church, 31 Gorey Hill, 20 Fliquet) ...
 .. and the top panel (15 St Saviour's Church and the old convent west of Six Roads : 45 Pierre de Bessiere).
 This later design (6 examples locally) is closer to the standard wall boxes we know today.

Jersey's Victorian wall boxes sport manufacturers names such as
 "Eagle Range & Foundry Co, Birmingham" (St.Mary's Church and Flicquet),
"Smith & Hawkes of Birmingham" (St Saviour's Church, Rue D'Aval, Gorey Hill, La Route de St.Jean)
"Bernard P Walker of Eagle..." (box 12 Mont Pinel)
- all three variations were from the same factory in Birmingham; it just changed hands rather frequently during this period!

 A handful of wider VR boxes are around, and an even larger wall box (154) rests at St.John's Village...

Edward 7th (1901-1910)

 .. with an Edwardian version at Seaton Place (box 59, Glouc.St end). At first, little more was changed than altering the VR letters to ER...
 ..  but midway through the reign the elaborate scroll cipher of Edward VII began to appear on post boxes.

This one at Les Chenolles, St.John (95 St Cyr), is a 'lamp box' (designed to be clamped to lamp posts, or free-standing on a pedestal) pressed into service as a wall box.
 Early WT Allen design (about 7 of these) with panel at the top of another beading panel... some offset to the left for some reason...
 .. others more central (this one at FB Fields - box 193).
 This one with the cipher (at Old Trinity Hill, box 16).

George 5th (1910-1936)

 Another lamp box used as a wall box, on St.Clement's Inner Road in the Mont Ube area (111 Pied de la Rue).
 This large wall box (34 Halkett Street) at Boots in St.Helier is relatively unusual for being made by McDowall, Steven and Co, Falkirk (see also a George 6th example at Bagatelle Parade at Five Oaks) ...
 .. as is this one off Roseville Street (157) in Marett Road.
 Newly repainted at Le Hocq (box 103, one of about 27 similar)...
 .. or faded like this one in Bagatelle Road (65), notable as one of two rarities in Jersey (the other is box 114 Rue de Brabant near the Steam Museum) made by Derby Castings Limited, Derby - who only made boxes for one year, 1932.

 3 boxes, like this one (box 80) Vallee des Vaux (also 182 La Sergente St.Brelade and 25 Queen's Road / St.John's Road), have a much smaller GR...
 .. or like this slightly broken one(113) at Corbiere (and at Rue de Bocage off La Haule Hill - 97 Mont Au Roux), the G and R at the top.
 Finally the inner panel is dropped a little to make room for the Next Collection plate (24 St.Clement's Church amongst about nine George 5th examples), and this design stays with us from now on.

George VI (1936-1952)

 First, the McDowall, Steven example near Five Oaks (88  Five Oaks Sub Office) ...
 .. a faded wall box, one of 18 I've found (G 6th), all from WT Allen...
 .. and a repainted one. Maybe the cipher is too fiddly to highlight in gold? :)

Is it just me or is the new paint slightly heading towards orange rather than the pure red I expected?
 A flaking example in storage at Jersey Post's HQ, possibly awaiting future deployment.

Elizabeth II (from 1952)

In the reign of E-II-R the pillar box is once again affordable, and here's a classic design nicely painted (37 Green Street). Others are found in the Parade (Elizabeth Place end, box 144), nearby inside the Hospital reception area (170), at Maufant CoOp (107), Grands Vaux shops (164), Quennevais estate (171), St.Peter's CoOp (86), St.Ouen's shops (96), and Sandybrook (78).
.. there are also more squat examples at Miladi Farm (94) and Roseville Street (44).
The one in the Parade has the remains of a sign holder on top. On the mainland these signs pointed to the nearest post office.
In Jersey Post's depot at Rue des Pres, a pillar box taken out of service, I presume box 11 from Liberation Square where there used to be one and there isn't now. Such a shame a typically British thing like a red E2R pillar box has been removed from a place almost all French daytrippers pass, it was a very noticeably British piece of street furniture that was probably a frequent photo opportunity. Once again Jersey misses a chance to get the visitors snapping. We should be making the place as interesting as possible to get them taking photos all over, that's what makes a visit memorable.

The Caledonia Place box 167 (by the museum) shows how much of the pillar may be underground to keep it secure.
The K Type pillar was designed by Tony Gibbs, who won a 1979 competition between 3 designers, and it was introduced on 31st July 1980. It does have that unmistakable 80s feel to it, and I find it a bit naff to be honest. Here is the untidiest, box no 1 at Georgetown. I assume the loop on top is used to crane them into position, there not being much else to hold onto!
K Pillars are paired up with larger neighbours at Red Houses, La Collette near Victoria Pier, and in David Place by the Odeon.
A fresh coat of paint and some gold makes a slight difference. Admire or wince at them also at Green Island Spar, Gorey Village, Rue a Don's garage, Colomberie, Quennevais Precinct, St.Aubin and the CoOps at Pontac, Val Plaisant and Beaumont.
 Our only real 'lamp box' is box 172 at the Albert Harbour Terminal.
 A pair of larger wall boxes (30 and 181) at Broad Street Post Office.
 So far I've found about 42 of the familiar wall boxes (either from WT Allen or Carron Co. Falkirk, Stirlingshire who joined in within this reign until circa 1980) ...
 .. some recently repainted, with a gold cipher.
 Square post boxes simply don't inspire much love (this one, box 3, in the Parade / Union Street)...
 .. or with an ugly black hinge, like this one (box 190) in the airport departures hall...
 .. box 127 at Plat Douet Road (with Royal Mail logo rather than Jersey Post!) ...
.. and box 46 inside at the CoOp Grande Marche.

You just can't beat the old round classic pillars!

Other red box structures around the island have the same long black hinge. Along with some more recent green boxes, these are apparently drop off points for post to be passed between various postal staff. Pontac CoOp car park, and by the phone box at La Rocque (Streetview) to name but two. Another in Queen's Road. And behind the post box here.
Thanks to Wikipedia,, and amongst others.

2013 Update

Thanks to one of my readers we have the official box names and numbers, so I have merged the data into this numerical list (which reveals the gaps in the numbering).

1    Georgetown Sub Office (CoOp) - K Pillar
2    St Saviours Road (nr Wellington Rd / Beaul.Pk) - wall E2R Allen
3    Parade (Cenotaph) - square pillar E2R
5    Great Union Road / Aquila Rd (de Montfort) - wall E2R Allen
6    Brighton Road (opp. school) - wall G6R Allen
7    Vauxhall Street / Val Plaisant - wall GR Allen
8    Bath Street / David Place (Odeon) - K Pillar and square
9    Queen's Road (nr Queen's Lane) - pillar anon high-ap Handyside
10    Springfield Road (Le Geyt Estate, opp shop) - wall E2R Carron
11    Weighbridge (Liberation Square) - pillar -removed-
12    Mont Pinel (nr Duoro Terrace) - wall VR Eagle
13    Rouge Bouillon (nr La Pouquelaye) - wall GR Allen
14    Val Plaisant Sub Office (CoOp) - K Pillar
15    St Saviour's Church - wall VR Smith & Hawkes
16    Town Mills (Old Trinity Hill) - wall E7R Allen
17    Faldouet (Rue D'Aval) - wall VR Smith & Hawkes
18    La Pouquelaye (nr Up. Kings Cliff) - wall VR Allen
19    Living Legend - pillar (thick) anon high-ap Handyside
20    Greencliffe (Rue de Fliquet) - wall VR Eagle
21    Bagot Road (opp shop) - wall GR Allen
22    La Frontiere (Route du FrancFief, St.P) - wall E2R Carron
23    Mont Gras D'Eau (St.B Bay, nr tower) - wall E2R Allen
24    St Clement's Church - wall GR Allen
25    Chestnut Farm (Queen's Rd / St.J Rd) - wall GR(small) Allen
26    St Lawrence Church - wall GR Allen
27    Le Bourg, Pontac - wall E2R Allen
28    Les Augerez (Route du Carrefour a Cendre) - wall E2R Allen
29    St Ouen's Church - wall GR Allen
30    Broad Street (2) - wall(large) E2R Carron
31    Gorey Hill - Wall VR Smith & Hawkes
32    Route de St Marie (Rue des Buttes, St.Mary) - Wall(large) GR Allen
33    St James Street - wall E2R Carron
34    Halkett Street (Boots) - wall(large) GR McDowall Steven
35    St Mary's Church - wall VR Eagle
37    Green Street (La Collette end) - pillar E2R
38    Longueville Court (nr Grv. Hill) - wall VR Allen
40    Old Beaumont Hill - wall GR Allen
41    Greve de Lecq - wall E2R Allen
42    St George's Church (St.Ouen) - wall GR Allen
43    Pierson Road (nr Grand Hotel) - wall G6R Allen
44    Roseville Street Sub Office (off Colomberie) - pillar(thick) E2R
45    Pierre de Bessiere (Old Convent by St.Matthews, St.L) - wall VR Smith & Hawkes
46    CoOp Grande Marche Sub Office (inside) - square pillar
47    Bel Royal - wall VR Allen
48    New St John's Road - wall VR Allen
49    Ravencliffe (Route des Genets, nr Woodbine) - wall E2R Allen
50    Tyneville Lane (inner road) - wall GR Allen
51    First Tower (by Martello) - wall E2R Allen
52    Mont Felard (top) - wall GR Allen
53    Mont Cochon (Newfield; closer to Fern Val) - wall VR Allen
54    Les Huriaux (nr Amaizin Maze) - wall VR Allen
55    La Hougue Bie - wall E2R Allen
56    St Aubin Sub Office - wall E2R
57    Gorey Village (nr Salon) - wall GR Allen
58    L'Etacq (Route de L'Etacq) - wall VR Allen
59    Seaton Place (Glouc. St end) - wall E7R Allen
60    Rozel Harbour - wall E2R Allen
61    Haute Croix - wall E2R Carron
62    La Rocque (parish border) - wall E2R Allen
63    Grands Vaux (nr school) - wall E2R Allen
65    Bagatelle Road (nr Bon Air lane) - wall GR Derby Castings
66    Rue de Haut (nr Mont Cambrai) - wall GR Allen
67    Rozel Mill - wall E2R Allen
68    St Saviour's Hospital - wall GR Allen
69    Mont des Landes (hill nr Archirondel) - wall GR Allen
70    Pontac (slip) - wall G6R Allen
71    Gorey Pier - wall G6R Allen
72    Hautlieu School - wall GR Allen
73    Golf Links (nr Beausite Hotel) - wall G6R Allen
74    Beaumont Village (by Cannon) - wall E7R (maker covered)
75    Colomberie (C.House) - K Pillar
76    La Rocque Chapel (Methodist) - wall E7R Allen
77    Le Rondin (Greve de Lecq hill) - wall E7R Allen
78    Sandybrook - pillar E2R
79    Fauvic Cross Roads (Route des Cotils) - wall E7R Allen
80    Vallee des Vaux - wall GR Allen
81    Augres (Oaklands, Trinity) - wall GR (maker?)
82    Sion (shop) - wall E2R Allen
83    Faldouet (2) (Croix Messervy) - wall E2R Carron
84    Pontac Sub Office (CoOp) - K Pillar
85    Quennevais Sub Office (CoOp Red Houses) - K Pillar and Franked(square)
86    St Peter's Sub Office (CoOp) - pillar E2R
87    St Martin's Church (shop) - wall E2R Allen
88    Five Oaks Sub Office (Bagatelle Parade) - wall(large) G6R McDowall
89    Beaumont Sub Office (CoOp) - K Pillar
90    Gorey Sub Office (village shop) - K Pillar
91    Six Roads (shop) - wall E2R Carron
92    St Brelades Bay (shop) - wall GR (maker?)
93    Grouville Church - wall VR Allen
94    Miladi (Farm) Estate (Longueville) - pillar(thick) E2R
95    St Cyr (Les Chenolles, St.John) - wall(lamp?) E7R (maker?)
96    St Ouen Sub Office (Pair) - pillar E2R - wall GR Allen
97    Mont Au Roux (corner w Rue du Bocage) - wall GR(top) Allen
98    Trinity Sub Office - wall GR Allen
99    Royal Square - wall GR Allen
100    Route de Noirmont (nr Route de Haut) - wall E2R Carron
101    Le Grande Piece (estate, St.Peter) - wall GR Allen
102    Stopford Road (nr Stores) - wall E2R Allen
103    Le Hocq - wall GR Allen
104    High Street (St.Aubin) - wall VR Allen
105    Les Croix (Trinity) - wall E2R Allen
106    Maupertuis (Le Squez/Marais) - wall G6R Allen (rivets)
107    Maufant Sub Office (CoOp) - pillar E2R (gold)
108    Mont Es Croix (Rue des Champs, nr Beauport) - wall E2R Allen
109    Fauvic Common - wall GR Allen
110    La Hougue Avenue (Mont a L'Abbe) - wall GR Allen
111    Pied de la Rue (nr Le Rocquier, St.C) - wall(lamp) GR (maker?)
112    Grouville Arsenal - wall G6R Allen
113    Corbiere - wall GR(top) Allen (broken)
114    Brabant (Rue de Brabant, Trinity) - wall GR (1932 Derby - rare)
115    La Collette (nr fuel farm) - K Pillar and Franked(square)
116    Leoville (St.Ouen) - wall G6R Allen
117    Vinchelez (nr Manor, St.Ouen) - wall GR Allen
118    St Lukes (nr Vic.Hugo, Greve d'Azette) - wall GR Allen
119    Westmount (cemetery) - wall GR Allen
120    Le Marais (Mont Pinel, St.O, nr Hydrangea Av) - wall GR Allen
121    St Catherine's X Roads - wall GR Allen
122    Millbrook Sub Office (Benest's) - wall G6R Allen
123    Val de la Mare (Route du Moulin, St.O) - wall GR Allen
124    Rouen (Boulivot de Bas, St.S) - wall GR Allen
125    Quaisne (Ouaisne, nr pub) - wall GR Allen
126    Bonne Nuit (nr bus stop) - wall GR Allen
127    Plat Douet Road (nr shop) - pillar(square) Royal Mail!
128    Landscape Grove (Mt Cochon) - wall GR Allen
129    FB Fields (car park, inner rd) - wall E7R Allen
130    Airport (Arrivals Hall)
132    Victoria Village - wall G6R Allen
133    Le Douet (Le Catelet, St.J) - wall G6R Allen
134    Mont Mado - wall G6R Allen
135    Mont Au Pretre (Route du Petit Clos, ex Raleigh Hotel) - wall(lamp) GR (maker?)
136    Bellozanne Valley (St.Andrews) - wall G6R Allen
138    Constancia Lodge (St.C inner rd nr Pont.Lane) - wall E2R Carron
139    Harve des Pas (sic - Havre) - wall G6R Allen
140    Cheapside Sub Office (nr pub) - wall G6R Allen
141    Eden Chapel (Grande Rte de St.Martin) - wall E2R Carron
142    Petite Route des Mielles (Pont Marq.) - wall G6R Allen
143    St Martin's Arsenal - wall G6R Allen
144    Elizabeth Place (Parade) - pillar E2R
146    Mont Fondan (Mont a la Brune) - wall E2R Carron
147    Five Mile Road (Les Laveurs, J Pearl) - wall E2R Allen
148    Elizabeth Avenue (Route Orange) - wall E2R Allen
149    Route des Genets (nr Mont N school) - wall E2R Carron
150    Anne Port (nr Jeffrey's Leap) - wall E2R Allen
151    Route des Landes (St.Ouen) - wall E2R Carron
152    Quennevais Parade - K Pillar
153    Tower Road (hill) - wall E2R Allen
154    St Johns Sub Office (village) - wall(large) VR (maker?)
156    Elizabeth Terminal - wall VR Allen
157    Marett Road (nr Roseville St) - wall GR McDowall
158    Boulevard Avenue (nr shops by Hansford Lane) - wall E2R Allen
160    Spar (Samares) - K Pillar
164    Grand Vaux (2) (shops) - pillar E2R
165    La Pulente - wall E2R Allen
167    Caledonia Place (nr Museum) - pillar E2R
170    General Hospital reception - old pillar E2R
171    Quennevais Park - pillar E2R
172    Albert Quay (terminal) - lamp(stand) E2R (maker?)
175    Grouville Filling Station (Rue a Don) - K Pillar
179    Central Market Sub Office - pillar(hex) VR(cipher) "Penfold"
180    Glacis Field (South Hill) - wall E2R Carron
181    Broad Street (1) - wall(large) E2R Carron
182    La Sergente (top of hill, La Pulente) - wall GR(small) Allen
183    Le Squez Sub Office (supermarket) - wall GR Allen
184    Le Couvent (nr Gospel Hall, Rte de Mt Cochon) - wall E2R Carron
190 A    Airport (Departure Hall) - pillar(square/large) anon
191    Jersey Zoo - wall GR Allen
192    St Aubin Parish Hall - K Pillar
193    Princess Place (estate entrance)  - wall E2R Carron
-  CoOp Don St - wooden box
-  De Gruchy cards section - wooden box

I note that with a run of numbers going as far as 193, and 25 unused numbers, the total number of boxes in service is 168 - a little fewer than they claim!
Spring 2013 - a pillar box has appeared at Castle Quay, over the road from the car-park gardens. No number seen yet.

2013 - Boxes to go!

This summer around 50 boxes are to be taken out of service due to lack of use. Seems a shame that they can't be kept, even with less frequent collections?

Here is a list of  those we are about to lose, in the format :
Box-no Box-name : nearest alternative

Week Commencing 22nd July
41 Greve de Lecq : Leoville (Streetview)
123 Val de la Mare (Bethesda, Route du Moulin) : Jersey Pearl (Streetview)
104 High Street (St.Aubin) : St Brelade's Parish Hall (Streetview)
125 Ouaisne (Smuggler's) : Route de Noirmont (Streetview)
113 Corbiere : La Sergente (Streetview)
121 St Catherine (X roads) : Faldouet (Streetview)
135 Mont Au Pretre (Route du Petit Clos) : Augres (Streetview)
126 Bonne Nuit : Mont Mado (Streetview)
47 Bel Royal : Millbrook (Benest's) (Streetview)
38 Longueville Court (nr Grv. Hill) : Rue des Pres HQ (Streetview)
111 Pied de la Rue (Mt Ube) : St Clement's Church (Streetview)
12 Mont Pinel (nr Duoro Terrace) : Roseville Street (Streetview)
172 Albert Quay terminal : Castle Quay or Elizabeth Terminal
53 Mont Cochon (Newfield nr Fern Val) : Landscape Grove (Streetview)

Week Commencing 19th August
77 Le Rondin (down hill to G de L) : St Mary's Church (Streetview)
54 Les Hureaux (nr Amaizin Maze) : St Ouen's Sub Office (Streetview)
120 Le Marais (Hydrangea Ave) : St Ouen's Church (Streetview)
58 L'Etacq : Five Mile Road (Jersey Pearl) (Streetview)
117 Vinchelez : St George's Church (Streetview)
74 Beaumont Village (by Cannon) : Beaumont Sub Office (Streetview)
56 St Aubin Sub Office : St Brelade's Parish Hall (Streetview)
97 Mont Au Roux (corner Rue du Bocage) : La Frontiere / St Brelade's Parish Hall (Streetview)
148 Elizabeth Avenue (Route Orange) : new box location (Streetview)
49 Ravencliffe (nr Woodbine Corner) : St Brelade's Parish Hall (Streetview)
92 St Brelade's Bay : new box location (Streetview)
165 La Pulente : La Sergente / La Moye (Streetview)
146 Mont Fondan : La Sergente / La Moye (Streetview)
130 Airport (Arrivals Hall) : Airport Departure Hall
23 Mont Gras D'Eau (St.B Bay, nr tower) : new box location (Streetview)
95 St Cyr (Les Chenolles, St.John) : Sion / St John's Village (Streetview)
19 Living Legend : Pierre de Bessiere (Streetview)
43 Pierson Road (nr Grand Hotel) : Cheapside (Streetview)
48 New St John's Road (nr Roussel St) : Cheapside (Streetview)

Week Commencing 23rd Sept
124 Rouen (Boulivot de Bas, St.S) : Eden Chapel / Maufant Village (Streetview)
69 Les Landes (hill nr Archirondel) : Faldouet (Streetview)
20 Greencliffe (Rue de Fliquet) : Rozel Mill / Rozel Harbour (Streetview)
143 St Martin's Arsenal : Durrell (Streetview)
110 La Hougue Avenue (Mont a L'Abbe) : Sion Village / Chestnut Farm (Streetview)
61 Haute Croix (opp car park exit) : new box location (Streetview)
112 Grouville Arsenal : Postal HQ (Rue des Pres) / Grouville Church (Streetview)
83 Faldouet (Croix Messervy) : new box location (Streetview)
31 Gorey Hill : Gorey Village (Sub Office) / Gorey Pier (Streetview)
150 Anne Port : new box location (Streetview)
57 Gorey Village (Rue Horman end) : Gorey Village (Sub Office) (Streetview)
76 La Rocque Chapel : La Rocque / Grouville Filling station (Streetview)
27 Le Bourg : Pontac Sub Office (Streetview)
70 Pontac (slipway nr Le Hocq) : Pontac Sub Office (Streetview)
138 Constancia Lodge (nr Pont.Lane & Le Rocquier) : St Cl Church / Le Hocq (Streetview)
139 Havre des Pas (nr Ommaroo) : Marrett Rd / Roseville St (Streetview)
37 Green Street (nr La Coll. flats) : Marrett Rd / Roseville St (Streetview)
13 Rouge Bouillon (nr La Pouquelaye) : Val Plaisant Sub office (Streetview)