Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Quick Walk - "Le Malade" near Archirondel

A look at a stretch of coastline it's entirely possible to have missed no matter how long you've lived here!
(on the map with Bing here)

 Parking is available at the top of Archirondel, near the St.Martin Millennium Cross.... follow the road for a short while...
 .. with views like these towards Verclut.
 This part of St.Catherine's bay was neatly given sea walls as part of the 'harbour that never was' (1850s) all the way from the Verclut point of the northern breakwater to the Archirondel point where the southern breakwater was abandoned. I hadn't quite realised that the entire route was walkable!

 From the BBQ/Picnic area here, there's a set of sleeper steps..
 .. down to the sea wall path.
 I never bothered to explore along here, assuming I'd already seen all there was to see!
 Where I thought the path ended... there are actually some steps down to this small jutting out area on the map apparently called "Le Malade" (that's The Sick isn't it?!)
 Around the 'point' and steps back up again...
 .. and a delightful secluded cove I don't recall having seen before :)
 ... despite having seen it from a distance thousands of times, without actually registering that there may be a path there!
 It gets a bit bumpy on the final twist and turn of the path...
 .. then gets neat and tidy again...
 .. on the final stretch that joins up with the slip behind Archirondel Cafe.
 There's an outfall here, and giving us a shortcut back to the carpark above...
.. a final flight of steps to complete the little jaunt.

If you've never bothered with this paricular piece of coastline before, do give it a try on a warm sunny evening - I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)


James said...

Great photos of an area I've only ever walked once myself.

Anonymous said...

How lovely, never knew it existed!
"Le Malade" is actually "The patient" or "The invalid" as in Molière's "Le Malade imaginaire"

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you both, great to get some feedback!

Shane said...

Very interesting to see. I've never walked along there. Will have to check it out. Do you know any other areas of the island like this?

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Shane, to be honest I think this was probably the last stretch of coastline I hadn't explored yet!

If you're already familiar with the rest of the coastal path to the north breakwater, no I can't think of anything similar.

I'll keep on looking out for footpaths to explore though!