Friday, 29 May 2009

Courses For Horses

This time on Crapaudmatic... I was at Les Landes and thought it was an opportune moment to have a nosey around the racing (here on the map) ...

Sideways on, the new stand which is a grassed slope on top for spectators.

Looking down the finishing straight, south-west-ish.

.. and right of ahead, the first bend... with Grosnez Castle in the distance...

.. closer.. and some islands or other :)

.. closer yet.

First bend again.

Well maintained grass track.

To the right, off the side/back of the stand is the parade ring...

.. and a marquee for an upcoming event.

Sorel Point visible in the distance...

.. closer.

It's a bit blotchy due to all the heat haze at that range...

.. as is the airport...

.. Corbiere headland...

.. and lighthouse.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Seymour Slipway

The carpark here (on the map) at Seymour Slipway now belongs to the public of Jersey...

.. thanks to one Thomas Scott (of local retail fame).

(Seymour Tower in the distance out at sea)

Southwards down to ...

.. (closer).. Grouville Tower number 1

Oop North... Gorey of course.

.. and another slipway, with Fort Henry in the distance.

It's not the best beach for evening sunshine, facing east as it does, but it's still a delightful place to stretch the old legs.

(The carpark from the road opposite as first reported in February at

Sunday, 24 May 2009


(more from the to-do folders from months ago)

A wintery Rozel....

.. closer.

On the pier... red huts...

.. and the Hungry Man cafe...

.. with nicely painted signs...

.. such as Granny Cake - made with real Grannies!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Gorey Castle in February

Might as well publish these, they've been languishing in a pending folder long enough :)

The ticket office & entrance...

.. and a wintery view from nearby.

.. there's that little jetty I took a few pics from, some time ago.

I saw a Jersey Tourism ad showing views from a helicopter around the back of the castle and wondered if there would be room for a cliff path around there... it would make a good route and add a bit onto the ordeal for the Itex round-island walkers :)

.. but although parts look like they could contain a path quite well, there are also bits where it's just not on... sadly. Too steep, and people would probably protest for safety and archeological reasons no doubt. I will still live in hope that it could give the T.A. a good project, maybe a wooden bridge or two could solve the problems of the really steep bits? :)
I will carry on dreaming that someone somewhere might agree that it would open up an interesting and welcome route from the pier to the castle green area, and give valuable insight to the defensive position and might of the castle from that direction.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Baaaa-ck to Jersey

Along a cliff path walk westwards from Sorel Point...

.. they've quite impressively fenced in a section down very steep slopes...

.. to keep sheep in a gated section, to mingle with us...

.. although they do tend to run away from us frightening humans.

.. and have no idea about photography - they look straight at you until the very moment you're standing still aiming the camera and focus... then they look away :)

.. so you have to be quick.

Moth eaten things :)

- the breed is Manx Loaghtan and I believe is either the same or similar to the breed that used to be common over here when islanders made a living knitting Jerseys.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Misc - even more

From La Haule car park towards St. Aubin...

.. as Le Petit Train rolls past.

Freshly raked beach.

Busy bee

The bollards... they spread!

Even more parking lost, this time in Don Street.

Out at St.Ouen's


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Misc - more

Tide's high - looking down Conway Street with the zoooom shows just how big the ferry is, despite its distance.

Each year I want to capture the fresh new leaves on the Town Church trees... each year I miss the chance or blow it :o)

Over the bay

.. this bay.
Another one of those sunglasses shots...

.. uh....

.. huh.

And so to King Street...

.. with the sunlight hitting the buildings at an angle I found pleasing.