Friday, 22 May 2009

Baaaa-ck to Jersey

Along a cliff path walk westwards from Sorel Point...

.. they've quite impressively fenced in a section down very steep slopes...

.. to keep sheep in a gated section, to mingle with us...

.. although they do tend to run away from us frightening humans.

.. and have no idea about photography - they look straight at you until the very moment you're standing still aiming the camera and focus... then they look away :)

.. so you have to be quick.

Moth eaten things :)

- the breed is Manx Loaghtan and I believe is either the same or similar to the breed that used to be common over here when islanders made a living knitting Jerseys.


wobblybean said...

Hi there! Your misc pics are so much fun and enjoyable, you have a gift for picture taking and wickedly, wacky comments that make your site so entertaining as well as informative when the need arises. Just great and I enjoy them all. Thank you so much for doing this.

crapaudmatic said...

That's what makes it all worthwhile :)

23:02 eh? Was wine involved in that? ;) LOL (no offence intended, if not!)

I enjoyed your blog... how do badgers get back east again?!


wobblybean said...

My pleasure to give appreciation when deserved and you do deserve it.
Are you physic???LOL I was enjoying a glass of wine while surfing through my favorite sites! So no offence taken.
What is the comment about badgers?? I have not posted anything anywhere about them!

crapaudmatic said...

Ta muchly... I just couldn't believe such praise would be forthcoming from anyone 100% sober, LOL

I was going to say "nice Merlot was it?" just in case I was right and it would really freak you out, hehe

So... I had wobbly down in my notes as H, and was refering to Badgers walk West at - am I confused? (I've kept a list of all of four (!) people who have commented recently - wondering if that list will ever grow!)

wobblybean said...

Hi C, not a Merlot but a nice Liebfraunilch which I have just finished!!
As for the badgers would have a hard job going anywhere with them as I am in the UK and not Jersey! But never mind will still look and post my comments which I hope you will appreciate as much as I appreciate your pics(Sober (which is most of the time) or otherwise!!LOL) Try putting me under 'A' as that is my first initial!LOL and I don't think you are confused just slightly mixed up, like me!!! Keep up the excellent work as shown by your recent posts.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks, it seems I've confused you with someone else then. I thought Wobbly was an H, not an A!

It should be easy to keep track of my regulars, there's so few of you! LOL

Cheers :)