Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Weighbridge Area

I don't see what the problem is with keeping this place known as The Weighbridge. It used to be one large open area with a weighbridge there! Just because it's divided up now with a road in between where the weighbridge was, that's no reason to abandon a name we all use.

A brightened white-sky version, to make it easier to experiment - ever wondered what it would look like with just the historic fort up there?
If it looked like that today, would it be credible to propose developing a 200 year old Napoleonic Fort into a modern leisure center?!

Left a bit - boules area...

.. left again, paved area in front of museum and Royal Yacht Hotel...

.. left again, including Mulcaster St.

.. left some more... Liberation Square a bit quieter than my pic last time during the celebrations.


wobblybean said...

Great pics again. What day and time did you take these pics as it looks deserted!! Don't think I have ever seen it so empty of cars and people in all my visits to the island, but it does give a great persepective of the space available for events as has been sugested in news reports. Loved the Liberation pics as well.

crapaudmatic said...

It didn't feel deserted, I tend to choose my moments for pressing the shutter though! It was a quiet Sunday morning, so I suppose that helped :)