Saturday, 23 May 2009

Gorey Castle in February

Might as well publish these, they've been languishing in a pending folder long enough :)

The ticket office & entrance...

.. and a wintery view from nearby.

.. there's that little jetty I took a few pics from, some time ago.

I saw a Jersey Tourism ad showing views from a helicopter around the back of the castle and wondered if there would be room for a cliff path around there... it would make a good route and add a bit onto the ordeal for the Itex round-island walkers :)

.. but although parts look like they could contain a path quite well, there are also bits where it's just not on... sadly. Too steep, and people would probably protest for safety and archeological reasons no doubt. I will still live in hope that it could give the T.A. a good project, maybe a wooden bridge or two could solve the problems of the really steep bits? :)
I will carry on dreaming that someone somewhere might agree that it would open up an interesting and welcome route from the pier to the castle green area, and give valuable insight to the defensive position and might of the castle from that direction.

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