Monday, 30 May 2016

Bunkers at RN Sorel B (Sorel Point)

Following my last posting looking at RN Sorel A on the other side of the quarry, it's time to look at RN Sorel B and the M4 Obs Post. In contrast to the other Sorel Resistance Nest, everything here is clearly on show.

A gun pit right by the lower car park...
.. looking back, with the motocross track and quarry behind. Something obviously rotated here, but what was the bolted down square shape all about? I can't picture that at all, maybe one of my expert readers will help?
Right nearby, a shelter with two entrances...
.. both well and truly sealed up.
Down the track with railings at the side, here we have Sorel Light...
.. and in front of it, one of the islands' coastal observation bunkers, this one numbered M4.
Near the tourist-o-scope, looking towards RN Sorel A over the quarry.
From a little lower down the path...
.. it's clear where the obs slits have been sealed up. Can any expert tell us what the holes were for, please?
On the quarry side there's an opening to stick the camera into... and...
.. interesting graffiti from years gone by! The doorway on the right has steps up to the top level. Shame this one is sealed. I wonder if it could be given a new lease of life as one of the holiday lets?

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Bunkers at RN Sorel A (Ronez Point)

There are several interesting concrete remains to see at the Ronez Point loop road. Nothing easily spotted from inside a vehicle, so it's worth stretching your legs to have a look around...

In the middle of the loop, a bunker entrance can be seen...
.. steps down to...
.. a door that is open these days.
Inside, turn to the right and there's a corridor with two rooms off on the right. Not sure what these alcoves are for, anyone know?
The first 'wriggly tin' shelter (here we're facing an inland direction)...
.. and the second. I haven't seen any other twin shelters like this before, is it unique in the island?
Up on top, looking back to the road in the quarry direction. But let's look around while we're up here...
.. ooh, what's this? It's close enough to the entrance that it has to be part of the same structure, surely?
Back inside to investigate. Aha! It's not just a random pile of wood or collapsed shelves, I should have looked closer...
.. it's closing off the second entrance (lesson learned eventually - lots of shelters have two ways in/out!) and braced to take the weight of the ground on the other side.
And, outside again, just a few feet away from the blocked entrance, something with an opening on top..
.. puzzles me, this one. What was the purpose of this?
.. not exactly big in there, and why the small top opening?


 Searchlight Position

From the gritty footpath, look over the low wall and you'll find a makeshift path. A twist to the right, then back seawards again down a bit of a slippery slope, and...
.. here's a fair amount of concrete. Down a bit more...
.. what a shame it's been flooded for years. It never dries out, even in mid summer - I half expect to see fish in there!
Easy enough to get to the far end (on the outside) and look back. Maybe it's a good thing it's a pool - there's no graffiti or other vandalism here.

Having pulled all the ivy down (in one go, leaving an amusingly large lattice-like bendy thing flapping on the ground) some original woodwork was revealed on the inside. I presume wooden doors gave the light a dry home until it was needed and wheeled out either side?

 Another Shelter

Here's one we found on the 6th May, smothered in greenery before we uncovered it (I should have done before and after shots!), it amazed me that I'd never spotted any sign of it before. I tried to see if anyone knew about this one, and nobody seems to have known about it.

A lot of pruning later... and it's ready for other bunker spotters to notice! Easily spotted, a short stone's throw below the low wall, and not far from the searchlight position. I imagine there are steps here..

.. but a lot of ground has filled this up, so that seemed to be the end of any hope of getting in. But remember that many shelters have two entrances? So we looked around a bit, and...

.. yes! After a fair bit more pruning of Gorse, Ivy and Nasty Tree, we got to take a look inside...
.. and this would be a safer way in, for sure, if you're up to crawling along on your tum. And there's the standard tin shelter in there, one for the searchlight guys to run to when under too much attack.

You wouldn't even know the other entrance is there, from above, you have to climb down to see it. Lesson learned from recent bunker hunting : search every square foot from all angles, as some can be very hard to spot!

Now I have to say this looks like it could be very dangerous to poke around in. With all that loose earth piled up on the steps, you could be putting yourself in deadly danger venturing inside. If that ground were to slip, you could find yourself trapped / crushed / suffocated. I'd like to see the earth removed as it looks like a good one to restore.

Finally, my usual map of the proceedings is in glorious 3D this time:

Try this Google Maps 3D view for yourself (Windows 7 or later required) if you like. It's a great way to see the north coast, at least. Move your 'location' with mouse left click movements, use the Ctrl key as well to rotate/tilt, and the mouse scrolly-wheel to zoom in/out.

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Bunker at La Perelle above St.Catherine's Bay

This bunker is straightforward enough to visit, an easily spotted path leads up from Rue des Charrieres, just up from the hairy bend. Private land, yes, but what used to be a fruitful field has been left to get very overgrown with gorse and brambles, so the owner doesn't really appear to care! Fair game, as far as I'm concerned.

At the top of the path (previously the track for tractor access) this entrance is easily spotted a little way into the trees (even more so after I did a little pruning). Oddly spongy bouncy ground here! Head in, sidestep to the right..
.. still facing the same direction.. mind your step amongst all the litter, then turn left towards the sea and...
.. a good spot for a machine gun, back when there was a sea view here!

Apparently there are 2 shelters nearby. If you're on Facebook, see Johnathan Bull's great shots at (;Unseen Jersey) and the comments there. Johnathan says "The long corridor is strange for a small shelter but the position is perfect for MG/Mortar fire into the bay. RN La Perrelle 1 is part of STP La Perelle. Remains are 1 MG bunker in a sorry state and 2 shelters...both on private land.. ... one in a driveway, the other at the bottom of a garden."

As for RN La Perelle 2, that was a couple of thousand feet to the south, on the ridge between the woods above Rue des Viviers and the fields off La Vieille Charriere. The woods aren't too hard to scamper around, but nobody seems to have found anything concrete up there despite many eager searches! Just some rusting remains from one of several gun positions. To me, this looks like a suspicious incursion into an otherwise plain lawn, with intriguing shadows, but I don't imagine I'll ever get the chance to find out!

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Le Catillon roadside german bunker

This bunker has become one of my favourites now that I've finally taken a look inside.For years I drove past and assumed it was just an underground shelter like the one near Rozel Manor, and never took a closer look - but this one has much more to offer! Located near Queens Valley reservoir, at the bottom of the hill Le Catillon, this OP (Operation Position) Catillon is like a child's dream fort to have in their garden!

Looking in from the road, apart from the shelter room, there are two other sources of daylight. Interesting... let's head inside....
How exciting, steps up to a top level! And I hadn't ripped all the ivy down yet, at this point :)
It's nicely 3D this one! The upper level needed some pruning to open it up and reveal...
.. a view over the road, where a machine gun would have mown down any liberation attempts.
Looking back at the steps.
Back down inside, the shelter hasn't been vandalised (I admit I do have qualms about making bunkers more visible and possibly inviting unwanted attention? Your comments on this would be welcome).
At the other end, you emerge into a bit of a dip in the ground, it would take younger legs than mine to scramble up out of here.

I really enjoyed exploring OP Catillon and clearing it up a bit. Go take a look before the greenery grows back!

(PS I'd still appreciate dialogue on my previous "Guess where?" posting  do-you-know-this-bunker)

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Do you know this bunker?

(Updated with answer) Here's one I've never seen before, or any mention of... let's see if any of you know where this is in Jersey :)

First to answer gets 100 crapaud points, LOL

And when I get enough comments asking where, I will tell you!

And here's the outside. Come on, don't be shy, tell me if you know or not!

Update :