Sunday, 1 May 2016

Resistance Nest Hohe 190

Follow-up to my post about Hohe 212 found nearby, further along the fields in the same lane. If you come up Rue des Teurs Champs there are 4 fields (the first being much smaller than the other 3) between the house on the right and the next junction, with Le Cotil Vautier. 4 fields divided by 3 hedges, and every one of these hedges has something of interest at the end of it, in the woodland on the ridge. Photo : German, but not of great interest to most people - unless you can tell me otherwise?

At the end of hedge 1,a shelter corridor with 2 open ends (aligned along the ridge - this photo was taken facing the castle direction), and...
.. this shelter in the middle, on the side away from the bay - the left of the previous photo.
At the end of hedge 2, this puzzling one has no obvious use. Nobody seems to know what was its purpose, or whether it's legit to call it part of Hohe 190 or Hohe 212 (along hedge 3).
If you go down in the woods today, you may indeed wonder what this is, too, somewhere below field 2.

That's all I can tell you for now. The excellent has more information about technical details.

This is on private land of course, but field edges and unfenced woodland with no obvious privacy issues are way at the bottom of the scale when it comes to 'trespass', if you don't damage any crops I'm at a loss to see how any harm is done. Make your own minds up on this one!

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Anonymous said...

The danger sign in the woods in between 190 and 212 leads to a soakaway..nothing else. Trenches still exist but are less and less accessible. They linked the 2 RNs, 212 has 2 20cm mortar pits and ammo shelter and a small shelter on the tree line...the woods bring up more bits, shelters and possible MG positions. 2 shelters were destroyed by the owner of Les Monts to make way for a swimming pool and other construction. Many positions from the Batterie close by also remain...used as water storage or just storage. Rumours of a buried field kitchen close by as well.

The East Guru

crapaudmatic said...

Excellent information, thanks! I hope someone publishes a definitive guide to all this one day! Many thanks for visiting and commenting, it inspires me to stay active here :)

Anonymous said...

Re RN Hohe 190 and the periscope position disguised as a "tree stump"

It was added at a later date, just after D Day. A 10.5cm weapon was moved from Fort William to replace the 3.7 Pak 36 which was originally at 190.

Inside the shelter you can see cement around the base of the concrete tube in the wrinkly tin ceiling which shows it was added to the shelter later.

For added geekiness, RN 212 was the "Gefechtstand" or command post/battle HQ so its is strange that 190 had the periscope.

However it seems to be an "East" thing after D Day as periscopes were added at RN Nicolle Tower, RN Verclut and RN Hohe190.

There is a very nice CIOS shot of 190 during the Occupation which includes the "tree stump" and weapon in M Ginns book Jersey Occupied.



crapaudmatic said...

Great information, thanks Mr B :)
So is there a shelter underneath the round concrete stump in my first photo? I didn't venture over the field to it!