Monday, 16 May 2016

Bunker at La Perelle above St.Catherine's Bay

This bunker is straightforward enough to visit, an easily spotted path leads up from Rue des Charrieres, just up from the hairy bend. Private land, yes, but what used to be a fruitful field has been left to get very overgrown with gorse and brambles, so the owner doesn't really appear to care! Fair game, as far as I'm concerned.

At the top of the path (previously the track for tractor access) this entrance is easily spotted a little way into the trees (even more so after I did a little pruning). Oddly spongy bouncy ground here! Head in, sidestep to the right..
.. still facing the same direction.. mind your step amongst all the litter, then turn left towards the sea and...
.. a good spot for a machine gun, back when there was a sea view here!

Apparently there are 2 shelters nearby. If you're on Facebook, see Johnathan Bull's great shots at (;Unseen Jersey) and the comments there. Johnathan says "The long corridor is strange for a small shelter but the position is perfect for MG/Mortar fire into the bay. RN La Perrelle 1 is part of STP La Perelle. Remains are 1 MG bunker in a sorry state and 2 shelters...both on private land.. ... one in a driveway, the other at the bottom of a garden."

As for RN La Perelle 2, that was a couple of thousand feet to the south, on the ridge between the woods above Rue des Viviers and the fields off La Vieille Charriere. The woods aren't too hard to scamper around, but nobody seems to have found anything concrete up there despite many eager searches! Just some rusting remains from one of several gun positions. To me, this looks like a suspicious incursion into an otherwise plain lawn, with intriguing shadows, but I don't imagine I'll ever get the chance to find out!

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