Saturday, 14 May 2016

Le Catillon roadside german bunker

This bunker has become one of my favourites now that I've finally taken a look inside.For years I drove past and assumed it was just an underground shelter like the one near Rozel Manor, and never took a closer look - but this one has much more to offer! Located near Queens Valley reservoir, at the bottom of the hill Le Catillon, this OP (Operation Position) Catillon is like a child's dream fort to have in their garden!

Looking in from the road, apart from the shelter room, there are two other sources of daylight. Interesting... let's head inside....
How exciting, steps up to a top level! And I hadn't ripped all the ivy down yet, at this point :)
It's nicely 3D this one! The upper level needed some pruning to open it up and reveal...
.. a view over the road, where a machine gun would have mown down any liberation attempts.
Looking back at the steps.
Back down inside, the shelter hasn't been vandalised (I admit I do have qualms about making bunkers more visible and possibly inviting unwanted attention? Your comments on this would be welcome).
At the other end, you emerge into a bit of a dip in the ground, it would take younger legs than mine to scramble up out of here.

I really enjoyed exploring OP Catillon and clearing it up a bit. Go take a look before the greenery grows back!

(PS I'd still appreciate dialogue on my previous "Guess where?" posting  do-you-know-this-bunker)

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Anonymous said...

There is another shelter at AP Catillion, also nearby a shelter exists for AP Bourg....and a unique target bunker for a German shooting range. All within 5 minutes of AP Catillion :-)


Guru of the East

crapaudmatic said...

Wow, thanks Mr Guru (JB?). Intriguing... feel free to tell us where!

Anonymous said...

I'd say leave bunkers hidden where you can. Although the youth of today are generally too lazy to leave their touchscreens there's no point in tempting fate.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks for commenting, Anon. I'm still on the fence about this :)