Tuesday, 29 July 2008

El Tico / Lifeguards Tower

Near El Tico, the southern end of a prom that goes north past Le Port and the Splash and White House to L'Ouziere (Big Vern's - was Sands) and on past the Square Fort and the Cutty Sark house (but not as far as Kempt Tower). Looking towards Le Braye and La Pulente.

.. to the left - looking up at the Lifeguards lookout tower.

.. from the dune to the North. Note the building site behind, where El Tico was...

At the top of their steps.

- view of the new El Tico under construction...

.. left a bit.

Looking North past Le Port.

.. and again by a bunker nearby.

A more well known landmark.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunset over the Other Island

From Ronez Point, a look at Guernland - here's the Pleinmont and Hanois end.

Right a bit, and it dips down to the lower end at the North...

- this looks like it's the power company's chimneys somewhere near their "The Bridge".

One of the smaller ones in the middle (Jethou?), between the nearby Sark and the low bit of Donkeystan.

And so the ball of fire sinks into the top of the island - every true Crapaud's wish :)

Seeya Sunshine....

.. don't be a stranger.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


Green Island...

.. and bloke in boat.

That's the Demi des Pas, I believe

Looking over to Noirmont...

.. from La Mare

A Condor ferry heading out.

Friday, 25 July 2008

At Seymour Slip

At Seymour slipway (satellite map), there's this view to the south, featuring Grouville Tower #1 just around the corner from La Rocque...

.. and to the north, the expanse of the Royal Bay of Grouville...

.. closer...

.. all the way to the castle.

Towards the next slip northwards, Le Hurel - and Fort Henry...

.. closer...

.. and right a bit... showing the pair of bunkers on the golf course - not the usual kind of golf course bunkers!

Out to sea, Seymour Tower...

.. slightly closer.

New video

One I recorded back in June and have only just got around to finalising : higher quality version

The dull evening light doesn't show off the island brilliantly, but it gives the overall 'feel' of the place and directions to certain places.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I don't often get to St.Cath's in the morning...

.. closer.


A wavepiercer sets off from St.Helier.

The old La Pulente Hotel....

.. no longer exists.

Photos seen in the current bar.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Rozel (satellite pic/map)

On Saturday evening there was some sort of music event going on...

.. with musicians and a small crowd...

.. at the end of the pier.

But I didn't have time to stop and partake.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Anne Port

The little bay of Anne Port, just north of Gorey Castle (map) ...

.. from lower down the lane...

.. the beach is a bit pebbly...

.. closer.

Jeffrey's Leap

Friday, 11 July 2008

Why I usually wait for sunshine...

I'm usually a fair-weather photographer. If the sun isn't out then not only is it not so pleasant to be out and about, but everything looks cold and grey, dull and flat with no interesting shadows, colours don't 'zing' and the sky is brighter than the scenery which makes things even worse for contrast levels.

But, having climbed up Le Mont Mallet to be nosey about the bunker investigations, I couldn't help myself but take a few shots.
Here are the steps from Gorey Hill that lead up to the Faldouet/HDLG area....

The kind of view you can expect.

To the left, the Seacliff - I like the way this balcony was arranged with access through the chimney breast.

A more distant view - Seymour Tower quite some way away (which is a bit grainy because I exposed it wrong!)

A closer tower, but still a long way off.

.. getting closer - this from by someone's house on the hill.