Tuesday, 1 July 2008


It is what it is.

And so is this.

I simply haven't the imagination to give adequate descriptions to these.

.. they just.... are.

Take them or leave them...

.. I presume it'll be the latter.

I might as well write nothing.

You are welcome to comment though :o)



Anonymous said...

Great site .Nothing to do with this one but the GENTLEMEN"S toilet at snow hill is worth recording

crapaudmatic said...


A Holiday In The Sun said...

There's a very wintery feel to those pictures. In the last-but-one the sand even has the appearance of a snowdrift.

crapaudmatic said...

That's an interesting interpretation, thanks. I do find the colours this camera produces aren't as 'warm' as my old one, but I'm getting used to it. I do tend to fiddle a bit with various things before saving the small versions available here (cropped from the originals), but I tend to leave colour alone unless it's really badly in need of a tweak.