Friday, 11 July 2008

Why I usually wait for sunshine...

I'm usually a fair-weather photographer. If the sun isn't out then not only is it not so pleasant to be out and about, but everything looks cold and grey, dull and flat with no interesting shadows, colours don't 'zing' and the sky is brighter than the scenery which makes things even worse for contrast levels.

But, having climbed up Le Mont Mallet to be nosey about the bunker investigations, I couldn't help myself but take a few shots.
Here are the steps from Gorey Hill that lead up to the Faldouet/HDLG area....

The kind of view you can expect.

To the left, the Seacliff - I like the way this balcony was arranged with access through the chimney breast.

A more distant view - Seymour Tower quite some way away (which is a bit grainy because I exposed it wrong!)

A closer tower, but still a long way off.

.. getting closer - this from by someone's house on the hill.

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