Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Victoria Tower investigations

The abuse investigation has moved to a bunker somewhere near Victoria Tower now, between Gorey and Anne Port. I thought I'd sneak a peek in an effort to work out which bunker it is, because I can't say I've ever noticed any where they seem to be looking.

From the road at La Crete headland...

... closer.

From a lane the other side of Anne Port...

.. plenty of tape there, by where there's apparently a bunker (I've never noticed). There were lights here last night, so this most north-easterly bunker here (closest to St.Cath's) seems to be the one.

.. I think this portable lighting mast is in the small NT carpark.

Meanwhile, from the other side of the area, while going to enjoy this view...

... here's the bunker with the aerials - which probably isn't the one being searched.

.. closer.

As I'm still none the wiser which bunker it is (possibly because there's very little of it still visible these days apparently) someone helpful on a forum created this for us, to show where all the bunkers are.

"The area was home to a Freya radar site, known as Fu Mo Ost. It was protected by two 2cm Flak 28s. There was an artillery HQ, an artillery searchlight and various infantry defence positions."
Also, "
the Germans planned to put one of 9 naval rangefinding watchtowers up there, but only the 3 examples at Noirmont, Corbiere and Les Landes were built."

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