Monday, 25 May 2009

Seymour Slipway

The carpark here (on the map) at Seymour Slipway now belongs to the public of Jersey...

.. thanks to one Thomas Scott (of local retail fame).

(Seymour Tower in the distance out at sea)

Southwards down to ...

.. (closer).. Grouville Tower number 1

Oop North... Gorey of course.

.. and another slipway, with Fort Henry in the distance.

It's not the best beach for evening sunshine, facing east as it does, but it's still a delightful place to stretch the old legs.

(The carpark from the road opposite as first reported in February at


wobblybean said...

Everyday scenes but very nice to see especially when taken with your unusual eye on things.
Thanks for your comments in an earlier post. If we can get over this year (fingers and everything crossed it will happen!!) will take myself around some of your pics to see them with a different eye and not just drive past with a quick glance. Thanks again for opening my eyes to a different Jersey.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks... I hope you make it over here and have a good time..