Thursday, 19 February 2009

Misc. on a Cloudy Day

Marsmallow pink at La Pulente, an area gradually getting tidier.

10 miles away on the other end of the island, at Seymour Slip, apparently Tom Scott has donated this carpark to the public. Thanks Mr. S, public benefactors make a pleasant change!

There's a gap at Havre des Pas while more redevelopment takes place.

A new skatepark has opened on the New North Quay...

.. but fencing means that no-one can get around this way any more! Pesky old Elf and Safety yet again :)

.. or you could just stick two fingers up at the Safety Dictators, climb up off the path and hang around under the escalator instead :)


wobblybean said...

Where do they get their paint(design ideas???!!!) from??? Mind you it will not be hard to miss after coming round the bend at the end of La Pulente! Just hope no one takes there eyes of the road to look at it and goes over the side on the left...could have a wet ending! Once again keep up the excellent work.

crapaudmatic said...


It's not too bad... it could be worse, it could be Normans Yellow I suppose :)