Sunday, 1 February 2009

New Control Tower

Three weeks ago... nothing to be seen from Planespotter Avenue, looking south...

.. but now, this has sprung up near the end of the departure hall (and has been up for at least a week already).

As if by magic, the sun came out...

.. closer (sorry, I was using my crummy old blur-cam).

From the sports field car park nearby to the south.

From Mont Fondan, to the west.

From near St.Ouen's Mill, along Mt Matthieu... I don't know why the cut-out people are there - scarecrows?!

It's quite a height, I think they're going to be delighted with the views. With just one Sunday drive so far, I've found that the top can be seen from main roads...
  • by Silver Springs / Mt Nicolle
  • at Quennevais, a glimpse at Don Bridge
  • near St.Ouen's Pond, 5 mile rd, and lane by the 'orchid field'
  • in the St. Lawrence Parish Hall region
It would be wonderful if they'd have a public open day once it's safe and secure, before they kit it out for use. I'd leap at the chance to go and admire the views... perhaps for a price, to be donated to charity? With views like that, it will be far better than a big wheel at West Park :)

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-Rob- said...

aparantley the Dept.of E staff are moaning about the lack of space, must be like working in a lighthouse giddy spiral stairs etc. :-)