Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gorey Harbour

Back up on the seaside walk again...

.. with the harbour to the right...

.. closer...

.. I don't know if the Port Control is ever used now - is there enough commercial traffic? Any?!

Getting closer to the quayside...

.. one of these houses was fortified into a gun position by the Germans, it's still visible there with a navy blue surround.

Can't think of a good caption.




Anonymous said...

Firstly, I'd like to say that I really enjoy your photos, (why don't you comment more often, then?? lol) and then to ask if the sculpture in the bottom left of the first one is related to the lost boat building industry? I say that b/c it reminds me of a keel and cast floors.

Thanks for the great views!

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you Hazel, great to hear from you, glad someone appreciates my efforts!
I presume you're right about the stonework art piece... I'll have to check, the next time I'm along there, but old shipyards are the most likely explanation (even if it looks a bit Chinese to me in some ways!).

When we ever get nice light again, I may do a feature on that walk and all the various items of interest along the way.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Pleasure! : )

You post and I'll enjoy! lol Hazel