Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Creeping bollards disease has struck again. This used to be a quaint old corner of the harbour, but it's now blighted by unsightly and pointless bollards. There used to be a single parking space there in the corner of the pavement, which wasn't a problem. I'd much rather see a car parked there than a row of repulsive sentinels.

Why do our 'leaders' hate cars so much? I like them! They are great things, giving us freedom of movement, they are usually attractively designed (to entice people to buy them) and I just can't see why the moaners want to banish them as much as they can. People are very strange....!


Glos said...

Nice pic. Driving past La Folie one day and my Mum let slip that her father was brought up in the house next to the wall. I've looked up various census but cannot find the name "Blackler" mentioned there.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks.... have you tried the Archive Center for research?

I just hope they don't go ahead with the silly idea to demolish that old house and re-route the road behind Commercial Bldgs to prettify the area as part of their grandiose marina plan. The area is just lovely as it is (without bollards!).

wobblybean said...

When were they installed? I don't remember them form our holiday last year. Wonder how long they will last before someone takes them out going too fast round the bend! Keep up the great pics, they help me be prepared for changes before I come on holiday. Loved your Gorey pics (and all the others!!)

crapaudmatic said...

Hi wb

I didn't see them being installed, I just suddenly noticed them one day and thought "yuck, the car haterz have struck again and to hell with the appearance of the quaint old harbour".

Very many thanks for commenting, it's great to hear that I'm not just amusing myself here :)