Friday, 6 February 2009

Waterfront from Mt Cambrai

As a casual exercise of what can be seen from there, I took a quick snap, stopping briefly on the road, and accidently caught a bird in flight :)

Closer, a 'crop' of the area doomed to be over-developed into a Finance Quarter against the wishes of everyone I've ever mentioned it to...

.. another selection from the same pic, showing the eyesore building already dominating the area.

"Well it's Jersey, Jim, but not as you know it, not as you know it..."


Anonymous said...

What a stunning vista!!

Linda Corby said...

Disgusting that is what it is, good pics of what used to be a beautiful view until they put the carbuncles there!

Amazing considering that I cannot get planning on a useless piece of land for a low level unobtrusive echo friendly home on my land.

Bet heck when was the last time they gave a toss about local families having decent homes?

Anonymous said...

Stunning vista?!
We'll take that as sarcasm, it can't possibly be serious!