Wednesday, 1 July 2009

El Tico opens again

El Tico reopened tonight, 1st July 2009 - the beach cafe near Le Port in St.Ouen's Bay - in the parish of St.Peter (map) .

Some blurry rushed snaps...

.. interior, hastily shot through a window - excuse the poor colour balance :)

Set in scenery like this it can't go wrong.

From the sea wall

.. getting closer.

Some shots from the beach, now...

From quite a distance in poor light I'm quite pleased with the sharpness!
1/20 sec at over 800mm focal length (35mm equiv.)!

From a nearby bunker

More snaps from skulking around :)

A week or two earlier... not quite ready...

It will be a great place to dine and watch a sunset.


Anonymous said...

The LifeGuards will have to build an extension up to see over the roof to the south now, like the new airport tower :-) R.

(dottiebean) said...

Looks lovely :) I do really appreciate your pix as they make me feel that I am still in touch with home :)

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks D, that's what I'm here for - for those of you who were kind enough to leave so that the island is just a little less overcrowded - LOL

Cheers R, I think they can see enough bikini-clad young ladies from there as it is :)

Inspiral Daze said...

Ooh, it's so art deco-y and glowy. Can't wait to let my camera loose on it when I come home in August. Yay!