Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Toytown Waterfront

I always enjoy the view ahead here (despite the annoyance that someone will nearly always pull out right in front of me, rudely forcing me to slow down)...

.. that lighthouse amongst palm trees and the foreign flag all give a feeling of a rivieria holiday somehow :)

The "English Harbour"...

.. at high tide...

.. etc.

At nearby steps, the shadows from the railings just happened to line up into vertical stripes.

A new toy for someone...

.. who obviously feels that they deserve such extravagance while others struggle to make ends meet. Isn't Human Nature wonderful?

The "Jacques Cartier" heads to mainland France.

More fuel arrives.

New half-a-million fencing goes up to stop the hoardes of airside trespassers who are such a constant problem...

.. and what another load of bollards!

What crazy regulation brought this about? Is it for not encouraging people to loiter within x metres of the runway? No - apparently if this gate becomes redundant then the bollards can go. So why on earth does the gate need a bollard zone?! If it's just to ensure access to the gate, what happens if the access to the bollard zone is blocked? Do they just drive over them in an emergency?

Just an experiment... I will try again when there's better light.

Sunset at Grosnez

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Anonymous said...

Piccy's Z3 & Z6 ref Old or Rusty Railings, its a pity the SOJ wasted our money on Stainless Steel bollards and street fittings when these in use by the sea could have been replaced to make the place nicer, safer & maintenance free!!!