Thursday, 2 July 2009

Harbour Niteshots

Some shots from many months ago taken in the half-dark down at the harbour. I've been "sitting on" these as a back-up set of pics in case wet weather led to a shortage of pics... but it's about time they made an appearance :)


wobblybean said...

Hi photogenius!! All your latest pics are so up to standard...How do you do it?!!! Thanks for the lovely pics of El Tico. Things are looking up and all being well we will be over at the end of August so I know what to expect when driving around. If the plans come off and we arrive hot foot off the plane the drink I promised you earlier still stands! So will have to make some contact with you nearer the time. A

crapaudmatic said...

Photogenius?! ROFL... I wish!
I look at the breathtaking pics on flickr and can only dream of reaching that standard. But I'm glad you like my snaps :)

Thanks for the offer but I'm far too shy and reclusive to step out of the internet shadows and say hello in person!

I hope you have a good trip.