Friday, 3 July 2009


West Park, Triangle Park, People's Park...

Two trees have been felled today because of an infestation of Oak Processionary caterpillars which are a tad injurious to our health. Shame they couldn't sort out the problem without total removal.

Just fresh soil marks the spots.

Thankfully it doesn't seem to have altered the appearance of the park too much...

.. the tree cover looks more or less the same to my untrained eye...

.. although the trees do look a bit thin here.

Those gulls.

An old fire engine passes by on an outing...

.. another snap.

Spot the new building going on behind the Grand... nice way to spoil the roofline here Mr.Planning :(

.. this new artwork is a Carl Danby affair... meant to be our answer to England's white horses, etc... but people because it's People's Park.

Good evening Your Maj...

.. no it's not cut out - that's the geniune background.

What would Her Majesty have made of this backdrop, I wonder... would We be amused?

.. and this is such a dignified regal setting isn't it?

The car park is more 'open' since the Pav.'s old wall was taken down.

Well, now we know just how far west you have to go before the castle can be seen in full.

And on an entirely unrelated note, here's a drive-by snap of demolition starting on a boarded up Ann Court. Well... it's sort of park related... but "let's not go there" :)

So I've just passed the 200 piccy sets mark, and I've used 20% of my piccy allowance. I wonder if I'll make it to 1000 posts? And then what? Give up? Or maybe they'll raise the allowance by then? :)

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wobblybean said...

Nice set of pics about every day things. Hope they raise the allowance so you can continue, if not you will have to get another name just dont' forget to let us know it so we can follow you as I for one would hate to lose you! A.