Tuesday, 8 October 2013

St Aubin from a different angle

Approaching the location, a tantalizing preview of the vantage point awaiting, beyond a field of sheep.
I don't recall seeing the chimney in the middle of the 4 tower blocks before.
I'll leave you to guess where this location is, as I'm not sure who owns the land and whether too many more bunker explorers might lead to these being sealed up. Anyhow, what we have here is a number of sets of steps...

.. leading to a long tunnel - you can see the daylight ahead from all the other stairwells...
.. one of the rooms off the corridor. The bunkers here were a battery (Derf.) with accommodation.

If you figure out where this is, proceed at your own risk. A torch and some sturdy footwear is required, as you won't know what you're standing in. There's a lot of debris around, and I always think that having something sharp, rusty and filthy penetrate your foot will spoil your day a bit.

So here we see St.Aubin's Bay from an angle that's probably new to most of us.
The Fort...
... closer.
Harbour piers...
... closer.
Le Boulevard.
Parish Hall.

If you work out where this is and decide to go exploring, I trust you'll be fairly stealthy about it and keep this hidden treasure open for others to enjoy. Thanks.

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James said...

Yet another great set of photos. Keep them coming, they're brill.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks James - anyone who comments here is brill, too :)

A visitor from Ireland said...

You've got massive zoom on your camera, yet you get good clear photos. Do you have to lug a tripod with you everywhere?

crapaudmatic said...

Hi Visitor, just a steady hand and good old stabilisation in the camera :)
Difficult to go wrong on a nice bright sunny day, the exposure time is short enough to mask any wobble. If things are getting tricky I find something to rest the camera against. Even resting against the side of a tree can help - anything stable does the job whether it's below the camera, above or to the side.
Thanks for visiting!