Sunday, 25 September 2016

Cap Fréhel visible from Jersey

Most of us are well used to seeing France to the east of us, the Normandy coast, but what about Brittany to the south? You'll need a good clear day, but there are distant views to be had...

In the distance as you drive to the end of the Noirmont headland, you may spot a section of French coast just west of south. This close up shot reveals a couple of towers...
.. turns out to be two lighthouses. "The taller one, 98ft (30m) high, with a calorie-burning 145 steps, was built in 1950 and its beam can reach up to 68 miles (110km). The smaller one, no longer in use, was constructed in 1685 by the renowned architect-engineer Simon Garangeau who worked for Vauban, the legendary military engineer of Louis XIV, who fortified many strategic points around the French coast." -

Looks like a popular spot for sightseeing, why not have a look around on Streetview too?

Plugging in the details on a helpful website gives us a distance of 55km (34 miles).

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