Monday, 10 January 2011

Roches Douvres lighthouse

The tall lighthouse at the Roches Douvres can be seen from Jersey's West coast (and Noirmont) on a clear day ....

.. slightly to the left of our own Corbiere Lighthouse, as seen from the main road... taken here from by the old station house at the top of the hill. The old station is 26.6 miles from the RD light.

A Google Map showing where it is, at
49° 06′ 18″ N 02° 48′ 50″ W
or 49.104444, -2.815247 if you prefer decimal format.

An English wiki page

- and a French one...

.. from where this free photo was found. This is looking towards Jersey - we see the 'lump' on the horizon to the left of the column.

The top of the light tower, with some kind of radio navigation system?

.. and the lower part.

I heard one of the Chris presenters on BBC J mention the light he spotted, some months ago, and a few listeners let him know what is was. Perhaps someone could direct him to this blog entry for me, if you think he'd be interested? Thanks.

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