Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Green White House

They've gone and painted it sickly green!

I think I prefer it white.... :)

It is to remain mucus green for a year or so as a publicity stunt to promote green issues (regardless of planning laws?!) and many commentators amongst the public have already criticised this move. However, it has become apparent that it needed painting anyway (it really was looking quite tatty before this repaint) and the scaffolding used in the process was donated, as was the paint and labour, so the NT(J) haven't wasted the organisation's precious resources!

Presumably it will need a repaint again by the time a year has passed, so there's nothing much lost. Except perhaps for the recent Holiday Lets scheme (will a green version have less appeal to potential short term tenants?) and the Wedding Business. How many brides and grooms looking to have wedding photos taken there this year are going to be really irritated? :)

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that ninch said...

What an icky green! Poor White House.