Monday, 22 March 2010

The Military Past at Les Landes

One of the most obvious signs of German WWII activity - a naval look-out tower. With people nearby for a sense of scale - there is one viewing slit per internal floor.

There are two others in Jersey, at Corbiere and Noirmont - a number of others were planned but never built.

Closer - again with Guernsey in the distance.

Showing the commanding view...

.. closer.

In the bay between the tower and the headland to the south, a number of big guns were dumped over the cliffs after the war, to stop them being used again and to erase unpleasant memories of the war.

Plans were recently announced from Guernsey to hoist one of the largest up by helicopter to take it back "home" to its wartime position - where it had been for most of the war.

This hasn't gone down well (excuse the mild pun) with local rock climbers who fear the rockface may be damaged in the process of retrieval.

.. however, I believe a competent Chinook pilot ought to be able to handle it. Just how much "damage" can you do to a cliff anyway? Don't climbers relish a new challenge is the cliff changes slightly?

The principle has already been established to place old guns as a reminder of the war, lest we forget, etc.

On a headland overlooking Le Pinacle, it looks like a german position of some sort.

More guns quietly rusting away.

Meanwhile, this bunker overlooking Stinky Bay...

.. L'Etacq, and all over the bay to Corbiere...

.. has been sealed up recently with metal sheeting. Spoilsports! I hope they don't do that with the open shelter bunker closer to the tower.


Anonymous said...

Did you take the photo of the long guns below the cliff? I recently walked through the same area and I guess I missed them. I like the photos here, thanks for posting them.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks Tom, those were all the guns I spotted in that bay. Thanks for commenting.