Wednesday, 17 March 2010

La Coupe

The little guardhouse at La Coupe (map) ...
.. seems to have sprouted a pic of me!
(Not my doing)
New house on the skyline, which has raised plenty of criticism I've heard...
.. closer .. although now isn't the time to complain about it, considering the owner/developer's recent bereavement. Condolences to Ms R.
But you can probably guess what I'm thinking about the Planning Dept., given the number of large developments around the coast prominently on the skyline these days.
Rozel and fields of plastic.
Wotcha Sheg! (or whatever it is - I really must learn what the various local birds are)

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JerseyDottie said...

I love La Coupe but that monstrosity should never have been allowed!
Lovely pix, as ever, and I think that bird is a cormarant! Good shot :)

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks :)