Monday, 15 March 2010

Cracks Appearing

You'd think that they'd be able to fix the crack in their frontage considering all the building materials they sell!

(back a bit) .. and I'm surprised that in this 'elf and safety age we're still allowed to walk past - why haven't the Safety Police barricaded it off like they did at Hamon's last year?

We can only hope that they'll tone down the amount of yellow when they make good and repaint!

The current state of the new incinerator. This is no ordinary blot of the landscape, this is a flying banana encrusted, unwilling taxpayer-funded, Jersey blot on the landscape!


TonyTheProf said...

No I don't think they'll ever reduce the yellow at Normans!

It reminds me of a school custard (a glutinous yellow sludge).

Anonymous said...

whats with the clock being whited out dont you want us to know what time you took the photos?
have you not noticed the rubbish bins around the steam clock are jagged and rusty enough to cause tetenis, I mentioned it on Simon Crowcrofts blog months ago but he did nothing.

JerseyDottie said...

LOL Love your comments on the first pic!!

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks all - yes I try to conceal times of day when there's CCTV all around there, LOL