Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ann Court carpark

(Some shots of what Ann Court used to look like)

The demolition is complete, the ground has been levelled and parking spaces marked out. It makes a nice open area, it could be a good town park ;)

Having said that, it was a nice warm weekend day, and I didn't see any kids playing here - it could be great for a kick-about - so is the demand really there?

They saved one tree!

Temporary car park, or part of a plan to get residents used to it?

It's a good place for parking, nice and close to the town center.

Looking up Minden Place...

.. closer.

.. and closer. I couldn't really make it out in the viewfinder from a distance, so it's always a pleasant surprise to accidently capture a shapely lady by complete fluke :)

Shows how warm it was for mid March, not bad at all... Jersey the Sunshine Island and all that.

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