Saturday, 9 August 2008

Beach : La Coupe

La Coupe ( ) is a nice quiet little bay in the very north-east corner of the island, reached from a No Through Road lane up near the stables by Rozel manor and the lane to/from Fliquet.

Looking south over Fliquet Bay towards the back of St.Cath's breakwater.

Letting the sky overexpose brings up the brightness of the land a bit.

.. closer.

Down a short slope path from the small parking area, the secluded beach is reached from steps in the concrete sea wall...

.. to the left (car park is up there)...

.. more walls the kids are sure to want to explore behind.

Great beach - if you can park!


TonyTheProf said...

I think I remember driving down there one day to find that not only were the few parking places taken, so was the turning bay by some idiot, and I had to reverse up what seemed like half a mile of winding hillside.

crapaudmatic said...

LOL, yes, been there seen it done it! It's fine if you want to make a day of it on the beach and get there early, otherwise forget it.

In non-beach weather it's usually ok to have a look around and climb up to the lookout tower.