Monday, 25 August 2008

Dolmen du Couperon

At Le Couperon point by Saie/Scez, up on the headland by an old guardhouse is the dolmen du Couperon (aerial pic/map).

At times like this I sometimes wish I had a graduated filter, for that classic photo-art look so beloved of Top Gear these days. But no, I'll stick to my How It Really Is philosophy...

.. at least there's less kit to carry around :)

Bear with me...

.. I could go overboard with this...

Looks like a dolmen...

.. gosh yes, it is.


Even I'm starting to think it's too much...

.. but hey.

That's that noxious weed Ragwort, isn't it?

Hey ho.

Back down to the lane.
Looking towards the sun isn't ideal.

Inside.. looking out.

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