Wednesday, 27 August 2008

St. Aubin harbour

On the north pier at St.Aubin (satellite map) ...

Looking over to the other, south, pier...

.. right a bit...

.. right some more.
Possibly the most cluttered pic I've ever snapped. Is there some rule that those covers all have to be the same blue?!

"Danger steps" really made me want to walk around there and try them out (how dangerous can they be?), but the company I was with couldn't be bothered :)

A gull the other side of the pierheads. Nice to see one by the sea for a change, instead of scavenging in town and nesting on chimneys.

Talking of town, over the bay...

.. there it is... not the best waterfront in the world, is it? A long dull strip of rubble with boring bland buildings above.

.. closer, with Victoria College up top.

Beaumont tower near the 'Gunsite' slip & cafe.

At another slipway, the cafe at La Haule - rebuilt after the storm that trashed it earlier this year.

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