Saturday, 23 August 2008

Wall Lizards

How to find wall lizards...
  • It helps if the area has been people-free for a good 15 mins.
  • Mid afternoon has always been good for me, when the lizards are making the most of what sunlight is left...
  • - especially on "sunny periods" days when the sunshine has been patchy
  • Rustling noises are far more likely to be reptiles - mammals are long gone by the time you get near.
  • Stand still for a while, wait and see what appears.
  • They will be usually be near to some cover they can escape into.
  • Move slowly and quietly, then you'll be able to get very close if careful.
  • Approaching from the sun direction may help, but do keep your shadow away from startling them.

On the "dolphin spotting platform", right by my shoes.

Enjoying the view?

3 in 1 - I chose to focus on the middle one.

Here was the view from "Caesar's Fort".

Strange looking plant.


Anonymous said...

lizardtastic ... just to get a glimpse of these creatures when out and about is a treat ... great photos.

crapaudmatic said...

thank you very much... it has surprised me just how easy it is to get close to them... patience and a bit of stealth is all it takes :)
cheers for commenting