Thursday, 11 September 2008

Red Arrows on the ground

Aha... the 'Airport Static' display... well worth a couple of quid for a look around...

Yummy... plenty of pic opportunities here...

In terms of picture composition that counts as 'rhythm' apparently.

.. and with the Reds lined up you could really go to town on that.

.. etc.

It's a fine looking aircraft is that.

Trying to get in as much red paintwork as possible.


Oooh, shiny.

I do like a nice logo...

.. and the RAF roundel is a cracker.

What are the wiggly lines for, precisely?

Here's one truck I wouldn't mind holding me up. Very nice pic on the side.

Have a nice display, chaps.

Right then, I'd better head off down there and see the flying, now......


A Holiday In The Sun said...

The "wiggly lines" are an explosive charge. If the canopy fails to detach during an ejection, the pilot will have to go through the glass - hence the charge shatters the glass beforehand.

Did you know the Ministry of Defence recently attempted to copyright the RAF roundel? The request was denied because of its high-profile use in pop culture since the 1960s.

crapaudmatic said...

Thank you AHITS - great to have another of life's little puzzles cleared up!

The RAF roundel on a T-shirt is sooo old now, that was several summers ago, wasn't it? Or do things not move on in the fashion world so quickly these days (don't ask me!)
Still, better than all these numbers people have to wear these days... 67 on this T-shirt, 76 on that one, etc etc, and "Osaka" everywhere I look!