Monday, 22 September 2008


NT(J) Heritage Sites Open Day was the 13th Sept in 2008, and I visited a few. Here are some pics to start with....

Brook Farm, Maufant
On Google maps (currently shown as it was before the neighbouring field was built upon to the North East)

The lane side...

.. closer.

Around the back.

I didn't go inside because it was one of those off-putting "please take your shoes off" kind of welcomes I don't get along with :)

An out-building.

Les Cotils Farm, rural St.Helier
On Google maps

Again no pics from inside, as there were too many people about and it would have been intrusive anyway.

A pleasant state of dilapidation

Old outside toilets are a pretty grim idea at the best of times, but this one...!

Plenty more to follow.....

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