Monday, 15 September 2008

Patrouille de France

The French display team formed a few years before the Red Arrows.
Le website

Sur le ground

The Alpha-Jet head on...

... closer. Not as beefy as a Red Arrow Hawk.

Reminds me of Budgie The Helicopter in some way :)

Still, does the job I suppose.

Close-up of where the Frenchman sits.

Allez, testez l'engine!

Oui, eet eez very loud!

Dans l'air

Fair enough, zey fly togezzer okay

We've all seen dangling French undercarriage, haven't we?

Alors! Frenchmen approaching!

.. as opposed to retreating.

Pfff, anyone could do that ;)

Smoke On...... go.
(pilot lights up a Gauloise)

I dunno... just isn't... red... enough :)

They came, they went, they came, they went... etc.

It was nice to see them.....

... but the Reds' display is just more... je ne sais pas...

... just... more.

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