Monday, 29 September 2008

Heritage VI - Sous Les Bois

A delightful old Jersey house (NT) in Trinity - (on Google maps)

From the road.

From the driveway

.. closer.

Plenty of history here.

Around the back...

.. and forwards and left.. along the rear of the property...

.. looking back from the courtyard.

One minute the sun was in, making things look dull...

.. and the next minute it was shining nicely, making colours sing.
In this shed...

.. was the kind of thing a more artistic photog would have had a field day with. Old bike and wooden furniture, light and shade, if only I had an ounce of artistic flair.
But no, I'll just snap what the thing looks like.

Long time since I last saw one of these bicycle licence numbers! Please don't believe it should be reintroduced - it wouldn't work.

Occupation relic?

I do find the whole concept of outhouses so grimly fascinating!

Inside then... and this shot was so mucked up, I had to abandon all hope of colour.

Upstairs, and "available light" made the colours leap out from the bedding...

.. whereas a flash blast gives a different look.

Another bedroom.

Jersey Lillies

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