Monday, 8 September 2008

In the distance - from the Albert Pier

I presume the naked-looking bloke getting into the hot tub on the top floor actually had shorts on? I only just noticed it now when editing, LOL.

Apart from that, there are bits of the Town church and St.Saviour's in this one shot.

Right a bit, Commercial Buildings and above...

.. these flats in Pier Road have been clad and given pitched roofs this year, which makes them warmer and smarter.

.. and above that, the Signal Station at Fort Regent, storm 'bucket' up as usual.

Continuing rightwards, the dome and entrance area at Fort Regent, above the top of Pier Road carpark...

.. entrance area closer.. showing old archway.

Right again, the old pool building silently waiting for a purpose.

Having a nosey at the yacht club.

One of the bunkers at South Hill - got a seagull there in flight, too. The bunker seems to have sprouted an aerial in recent years...

Talking of aerials, the power station chimney seems to be a good place for them. How I'd like to photograph the views from up there! Maybe I'll have to volunteer for a charity abseil one day :)

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