Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Just a few changes around the place that an observant visitor may notice if they haven't been here for a while.
Most of these are rushed snaps from a moving or slowed car, and the links to Google Maps are currently showing how the area used to look...

Benests of Millbrook (map) has had a bit of a make-over, windows frosted to spoil the view... I haven't dared go inside as I'd rather remember it as it was :)

.. down in the carpark.

Heading into town from Benests, these houses at Millbrook (map) are where the church used to be with the large Christ on a cross.

Farther along at St.Andrew's, the old pub (map) is for sale as a private dwelling...

.. where a friend of mine had his last drink as a free man before crossing the road to the church to do the deed :)

A bit farther along at First Tower, this bakery (map) has been closed for a while now.

On the other side of town, some elegant new houses (map) on the Route du Fort where the Laurels Hotel once was (still listed on many hotel websites like the Grange Court over the road which has been flats for ages now!).

More elegance where Toc H was (map), although Mum says "if you fell down those steps you'd be in the road under a car in no time!"

More flats (map) where St.Luke's parade of little shops was (site of old Eastern railway station).

Another piece of recent development by Plat Douet School (map).

.. and finally for now, the pigeon residence at Samares Manor with its new thatched roof (map).

And in other news, the field between La Moye Garage and another garage (map) that has since been redeveloped... yes... currently being cleared for yet another new housing estate. Blink for a moment in Jersey and new houses will appear, it seems.

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