Monday, 22 June 2009


Some odds and ends, a couple of which came from my friend "my roving reporter" :)
- thanks matey!

The tide's in at Rozel...

.. but out at St.Aubin's Fort
(different times and days, obviously!)

Pickwicks/Spar at 14 Queen Street has changed hands - it is now Blue Island News (any connection to the Blue Islands airline, Healthspan's takeover of Rockhopper?)

Channel Report broadcasting live from the square... trip hazard cable duct-taped to the granite... the white thing on a tripod is a microwave link aimed up to the signal station at the fort.

Hazy view on the way down to Ouaisne...

.. which can be a bit of a pain for traffic conflicts...

.. but usually worth it once you're there.

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