Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sprints ruined by the Safety Police

Perfect warm evening weather compared to some previous years, but the killjoys ruined the view. We used to be able to stand by the barriers on the left here in years gone by, on the pavement of the westbound carriageway, but this time we had to stick to the prom by the seawall, far far away! The racing seemed very distant, over the cycle track... the car park... the pavement... and one half of the avenue! I had no chance of getting the pics I wanted.

All this over-zealous safety bulls**t is guaranteed to wind me up. I'll decide for myself what 'risks' I want to take, in an ideal world. What are they going to do next, ban moutaineering, hang-gliding, sailing, etc., just in case something goes wrong? It's all totally out of perspective to the actual chances of mishap. I'd love to know what D-day veterans make of how the world has turned out - is this the freedom they fought for? What would Health and Safety have made of conditions on the landing beaches?!

So I took a few random pics in the pits, but my heart wasn't in it any more.

That's another event ruined, to give a miss next time.

At least I can say I was there for the first few years when it was actually worth going.

Are we going to be banned from standing near the lanes during the rally as well? They have far more accidents than the ZERO accidents so far on the avenue.

It's crazy when you consider that James Walker was revving, wheel spinning and flooring his much faster World Series racing car on the avenue during the 2008 Battle of Flowers when thousands of people (and children! Think of the children!) were just feet away!

I must be on the wrong planet. This one is insane :-)


DottieBean said...

Hi-I agree The H&S 'experts' ruin everything! We truly live in a nanny stae.
Thanks for the few pix you did get tho as I had no idea this was on!!

Nick Palmer said...

Crapaud wrote:
"What are they going to do next, ban moutaineering, hang-gliding, sailing, etc., just in case something goes wrong?"

I'm not much of a fan of excessive 'elf 'n safety myself - I've been hang gliding for almost 33 years and (touch wood) I'm still here. I may have cracked a rib once (but I'm not sure) but that's about it apart from gorse spines in the knees every now and then but so what? People are better off if they're not totally protected against harm!

wobblybean said...

I agree with DottieBean. The PC state seems to be taking over everything and spoiling things for everyone, as if we did not have the common sense to look and see if a car was coming at speed down the road!! What do they think we would do, stand in its way????? Great pics anyway and shame you could not get more.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks everyone.
The hit counter went up considerably after there was a mention on another popular local blog :)
I'm sure the visits will dwindle down to near ***-all again as my new visitors won't return!