Monday, 9 March 2009

Incinerator fallout zone

Here's where the incinerator is to be built...

.. immediate neighbours : a RAMSAR site and Havre des Pas

(and yes, maybe I could have had these views with a low tide walk)

Close-ups now, heading left to right...

1) Martello Tower from 1834 when the view was a bit more.. wet.

.. the prom along from La Collette to H d P...

'Nelson's Eye with Victoria College beyond.

.. and with JCG on the skyline too...

.. a gap in the buildings where a cafe and hotel have been demolished.

The walkway out to the pool... Mont Pinel and Douro Terrace up above.

The pool

Le Dicq

A private slipway.

I like the way it looks very rural inland, with acres of urban sprawl conveniently hidden.

Grande Charriere slipway (Rice Bowl)

Nicolle Tower on Mt Ube...

The lucky ****er who hugely rebuilt that place at Le Hocq certainly gets a great view.

Mt. Ube : by yet another pair of mobile masts, an 1896 lighthouse...

.. and its twin at Greve d'Azette.

Green Island


wobblybean said...

Another set of interesting pics.
Did you get your feet wet taking some of them (tide out?!!LOL) or were you in a boat? The skyline is certainly changing with bits missing and other bits added.

crapaudmatic said...

Thanks... it was a small trek over some muddy land from the new road east and south of the fuel farm... it was going so well until the final few yards where I suddenly sank into soft mud which covered my trainers :)
Nothing an old dish brush and a trip through the washing machine couldn't fix!